090 - Manatee Arc

plusook, March 19th, 2011, 10:04 pm
- Wow, 10 strips away from the big 1-0-0. I'm a dork, so I mapped it out on my calendar that I'd be in the 100's by the time I graduate, but actually seeing it get closer scares me a little. I'm very excited too, though!

On a note more related to the strip, this one actually made me snort/laugh when I finished it, which has never happened before! Granted, I rarely work on them at 1/2 am, but by the time I've drafted/drawn/inked, I'm not likely to suddenly laugh at most of my own strips.
I don't know if this one is better than usual or not, but it made me kind of happy!

@Fweep It's fun to lay them all out together and stuff like that! I agree, I think it's best to work on projects you can take some pride in. I should probably actually research the animals a little before I do arcs, but I totally improvise with noises. Underwater..mooing noises of some sort..
@Snager Oh goodness!! I love fish. They are so weird. Especially when they're playing with each other or other sea friends :) That sounds adorable.
@Kohikki Violent girls never have it easy befriending animals... And thanks! I am super excited. :) I'm suprised at how fast they got to you! Awesome! And aww, you don't have to frame the note or anything.. But glad you liked it all!
@SAXBY CHAMBLISS Dunno, wallabro. Got any ideas? I can totally leave it up to you if you got somethin' up your sleeve!
I miiight do t-shirts of some kind, because I'm experimenting with silkscreening at home, but we'll see..

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Fweep, March 23rd, 2011, 12:18 am
D'aww - This strip is cute but funny. xD I'm glad you can laugh with your work once in a while. C: It's a nice feeling when you can look at something you make and be all proud of it or like it.

Body language is the language of the WOORLLDD. And love. And math. Or so I've heard.

I can imagine the sound that poor stranger manatee is making. xD Although I wouldn't know how to interpret headbutting other than when my cat does it and wants to play.

Snager, March 23rd, 2011, 12:15 pm
- aw, poor manatee! TuT so cute, though.

but i DID once see a manatee in an aquarium body-bump a large fish all affectionately and the fish was like 'OH, GOD, NO, RUDE! NASTY mammal! EW!'

Kohikki, March 23rd, 2011, 3:29 pm
- She is going to make enemies with all the other manatees by headbutting them. XD
100 already! Oh man, that's awesome. =)
Especially when you consider how you even went back and redid the first 20 or so. It's really impressive!

I got the buttons today! They're so huge and awesome. >:3 Also your note is the sweetest thing ever and I am framing it! =) Thank you! (I am probably framing your little business card with it as well)
When you and this comic are mega famous, I'll brag to everyone about how I got it!

Saxby Chambliss (Guest), March 23rd, 2011, 10:53 pm
- oh jayzus wat r u doin 4 cawmic 100

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