A chipper high school student. Most easily described as puppy-like, he considers himself a friend of almost everyone he meets. He can be overly emotional, but he usually gets away with it. Best buddies with Tang and fancies Amira.

He often seems bitter or angry about something or another. He's closed off and is generally reluctant to like new people, but he's very fond of Bas. He can be shy at times.

Smart and enthusiastic, she was eager to jump into 1-600 with both feet. She generally tries to be a good person. She's a big fan of aquatic creatures.

He tends to do before he thinks. He doesn't intend to be a jerk, but he usually puts himself first. Craig keeps him in check. On the bright side, he's confident and friendly.

Quiet and generally closed off, he only flares up to make Elliot behave. He's mellow and seems to choose his relationships in a calculated manner. He and Tang are comrades of sorts.

Friends with Amira and Elliot from way back, she transferred to a different school. She's still a spunky, sometimes oblivious friend to Amira, and a fond memory to Elliot.

Reckless and silly. He's taken care of the twins since they were babies when his older brother decided it would be for the best. He likes the idea of being a family man.

She's a lot like Bas Dahn in some ways. The two of them live together since an early divorce due to military issues. They get along well, though she doesn't always get his antics..